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57 year-old Mr. P. S. suffering from rectal cancer (lower part of large intestine), was diagnosed in the year 2009 at an early stage and was been treated immediately. He underwent Surgery, followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy, with some side effects that were not easy to deal with. It was difficult for him and his family to go through this phase. On one side he was diagnosed with cancer and that same day his son was blessed with a baby boy. This turmoil of happiness and sadness all-together was difficult for his family to handle, and going through this tough time was not easy for him too, but he never lost hope and kept on fighting till the end. Today it is 7 years. He has been off medications for 7 years, and back to his business leading a normal life since then. He is perfectly normal now and does not need any more treatment or medication. Nothing is impossible to achieve in life, its all about having faith in yourself and the “never give up” attitude that helps you in any situation to accomplish. Even cancer can be conquered.

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