Dr. Chirag A.Shah


Dr. Chirag A. Shah is a renowned specialist in Cancer and diseases of Blood, and Director of SHYAM
Hem-Onc Clinic. He is also Director for Department of Cancer, Blood diseases, and Stem Cell
Transplant/Bone Marrow Transplant at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad.





We are not taking any new patients for BMT/SCT i.e. Bone marrow transplant/Stem cell transplant at this time.

Three Books written by Dr Chirag A Shah, selected by Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation (government organization that looks after developments of libraries all over India). "Cancer Can Be Cured", "Cancer Mati Shake Che", "Stan Cancer" (breast cancer in gujarati).
"Cancer Mati Shake Che" book in Gujarati, written by Dr Chirag Shah, published in 31/8/2014. Written in very easy to understand language, 196 pages. With a forward written by Hon. Shri Narendrabhai Modi. Available at leading book stores, and through Publisher healthcare_imi@yahoo.co.in


Dr. Chirag Shah score top 20 percentile worldwide:

Dr Chirag Shah appeared for examination of Diplomate of American Board of Hematology and Diplomate of American Board of Medical Oncology. He has passed both the examinations. His score was in top 20 percentile worldwide, for both the examinations.

What our patients say

  • Dear Dr.Chirag A Shah, This is a long pending email and honestly words are short to express our gratitude. You have given us a new life in true sense. It was October 13 (last year) when our son Akshaansh Jain (now 3.7 years), feel ill and we never knew a small viral infection will lead to such a critical illness (Aplastic Anemia) Our world changed and then began the endless chase and struggle . With almost 2 months in hospital, consultation with the best doctors in mumbai, running down on finances and to our despair no treatment. What we went through was unexplainable. When we had almost given up and we were handed over a booklet by our family doctor with details, the cases you had handled, your team and about the high end facilities of Apollo CBCC, there was a ray of hope and we immediately headed to Ahmedabad overnight on 30th December 13. Rest is history, with the correct diagnosis to the correct line of treatment to the special wards, best doctors, specialized team, the treatment for Akshaansh finally started. Much to our relief there was this selfless team of doctors who made sure that thy leave no stone unturned to save his life. The entire CBCC and other teams not only understood our pain but comforted us day and night. The situation was grave but your smile was our constant hope and deep down we had a realization that everything will be fine soon. Needless to talk about your expertise (everyone knows it) but what we will like to mention is your humane approach, the sensitivity and selfless service of the entire team. We have found god in each one of you. Dr. Pushkar thank you for being so patient with us even in your busiest of schedule. For answering our frequent calls even after we left Ahmedabad . Thank you for all the special tips on parenting, your detailed talks, you truly make a great pediatrician. Dr. Ravish for extending your help and support till now with always a smile on your face. For answering all our queries from time to time. Dr. Geeta for your sheer optimism and support. Dr Maharishi and Dr Shah for comforting us in all the panic we went through during surgeries. Sister Upasana ,Bijju brother, Sis.Dhania, Komal, Priyanka, Heena, Anu, Sonal, Vincy and the entire team for nursing him so well like your own child and praying for him. For all love and affection you have showered on him till date. Apollo team for such a great facility, best doctors, excellent canteen and dietitians, superb management and staff. Today Akshaansh is steadily recovering and we are all living a normal life, all due to your effort.He remembers each one of you. We wish and pray all patients get doctors like you, who put their heart before minds, who know the value of life and who will go all those extra miles to bring that life back. We wish you continued success! THANK YOU..... Akshay and Shikha Jain 28th September, 2013

    Akshaansh Jain

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  • Dear All, At the outset, I would not forgive myself if I didn’t try to write to thank you. But I don’t’ think any words could possibly be adequate to express my feelings or gratitude to you. How do you thank a person for saving your health and extending your life? It’s impossible. I Was admitted on 17th Sep for the treatment Autologus stem cell Transplant for my disease Multiple Myeloma, during my 18 days stay I did not encounter one negative person and everyone I came in contact with was professional, courteous and concerned with my well being: from the staff like Nursing Staff, housekeeping and food service to interns and doctors. I have had a few hospital stays and my experience at your hospital was by far the best care I have ever received. Since everyone we came in contact with was exceptional and especially the nursing staff. I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the special care I was given by the Doctors and staff of your hospital. In particular, I would like to thank my Doctor Dr. Chirag Shah has always been a wonderful doctor – informative, patient, warm, and endless source of optimism and for the treatment was "right on." I would also Thankful to other Doctors like Dr. Maharshi Desai, Dr. Ravish Shah, Dr. Arun and visiting Doctors were all attentive to my needs, professional, and made my recovery so much easier to achieve. Lastly what should I say about nursing staff, “ HOME FEELING” Sister Upasana and her colleagues Biju, Joseph, Dhanya, Anu, Priyanka, Komal, Ankita and Heena led an excellent team and provided me with high quality care both night and day. The teasing, jokes, and hearty laughs were my best medicine. All sisters & Brothers treat me like my daughters & sons. You and your organization should be proud to have staff such as these people, and knowing that I live in your community, knowing the high-quality people here, makes my life so much better. Thanx once again and please extend my deepest appreciation to all of your staff for the wonderful care I received. God Bless All of You…….. Mr. Subodh R. Harde Date: 04.10.2013, Friday

    Subodh R. Harde

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  • I, Valjibhai Patel was diagnosed with advanced Rectal Cancer (T3N2). I consulted few doctors in India, who advised immediate surgery, with a permanent colostomy (diversion of stool from abdomen wall). We did not like this option and hence we wanted to find out if there was any way to make the cancer smaller and reduce extent of surgery. Therefore, we met Dr. Chirag A. Shah, who is expert in treating cancers with medicines. He suggested use of chemotherapy simultaneously with radiotherapy first to reduce size of cancer. At the same time, my son who is a doctor in USA was also talking to specialists there. He discussed my case with over 20 experts there. All of them advised the same way as was advised by Dr. Chirag Shah. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation under his guidance, with very good results. Then I went to USA, where my evaluation showed excellent reduction in size of tumor. This allowed surgeon there to operate on me with little difficulty. He could complete the operation within one and half hour and most importantly colostomy was avoided. To be a Cancer Survivor and getting cured from disease, it is very important to receive the right guidance for treatment. Today, I am very happy to have this new lease of life from Dr. Chirag A. Shah.


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  • "It's been five years this month that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found a lump on my breast and had a mammogram in April, 2004. The first week of May I had a biopsy. I prayed very hard that weekend that the pathologist would find the lump was benign. My surgeon called and told me that it was cancer. God doesn't always answer prayers the way we want Him to. Strangely, breast cancer is not like other diseases in which you feel sick and go to the doctor who makes you feel better. With breast cancer, usually you feel fine, then you find a lump and start to worry. By the time you visit the doctor, you are scared of what he or she will say is wrong with you and what you are going to have to do about it. Then you have the biopsy and either are immensely relieved that the lump was benign or you are devastated by the news that you are one of the one in thirty women in India who do have Breast Cancer. Usually you still feel pretty well physically, but emotionally you are a wreck because you dread the additional breast surgery, the radiation and chemotherapy, the uncertainty of the long-term prognosis, and the change in your body image from being a "whole woman" to having just one breast and being bald while undergoing chemotherapy.

    Ushaben Shukla

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  • Dear Doctor, In these days of recorded medical negligence in hospitals reported in media. I find a ray of hope in the Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad in my case of emergency situation. When I arrived I don't know what to except. I admitted in Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad on 8th Dec.20ll. I was diagnosed Blood Cancer(Bone marrow examination- AML-MI-92% Blast Cells). I am 67 years of age. Dr. Chirag A. Shah started my treatment. Dr. Shah is a famous Hematologist and Oncologist. Dr. Shah is very dedicated to hisjob. I have received 5+2 chemotherapy at Apollo main from 9th Dec.20II to 2ih Dec.2011. After that consolidation one chemo received by me at Apollo city centre from 9th Jan.2012 to 12th Jan.2012. I gradually recovered and finally realeased from hospital on 15th Jan.2012. I am reporting online to Dr. shah at Shayam Hem-One Cilinic, Ahmedabad. I received care and sincerity from the attending Doctors, Nursing staff, Paramedics,Dietian. I specially thanks to Dr. Chirag A. Shah, Dr. Geeta, Dr.Ravish Shah, Dr.Maharishi Desai, Dr. Pandya, Gori Madam. I believe that their sincerity and timely invention as a professional could save my life. In my prayer I ask God to bless you and yours always and may no harm befalls you. My children and I have deep regards and respect for you. My family joins me in saying a big "THANK YOU DOCTORS"

    Rameshwar Lal Acharya

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