Rameshwar Lal Acharya

Dear Doctor,
In these days of recorded medical negligence in hospitals reported in media.
I find a ray of hope in the Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad in my case of emergency
When I arrived I don’t know what to except. I admitted in Apollo Hospital,
Ahmedabad on 8th Dec.20ll.
I was diagnosed Blood Cancer(Bone marrow examination-
AML-MI-92% Blast Cells). I am 67 years of age. Dr. Chirag A. Shah started my
treatment. Dr. Shah is a famous Hematologist and Oncologist. Dr. Shah is very dedicated
to hisjob. I have received 5+2 chemotherapy at Apollo main from 9th Dec.20II to 2ih
Dec.2011. After that consolidation one chemo received by me at Apollo city centre from
9th Jan.2012 to 12th Jan.2012. I gradually recovered and finally realeased from hospital on
15th Jan.2012. I am reporting online to Dr. shah at Shayam Hem-One Cilinic,
I received care and sincerity from the attending Doctors, Nursing
staff, Paramedics,Dietian. I specially thanks to Dr. Chirag A. Shah, Dr. Geeta, Dr.Ravish
Shah, Dr.Maharishi Desai, Dr. Pandya, Gori Madam. I believe that their sincerity and
timely invention as a professional could save my life.
In my prayer I ask God to bless you
and yours always and may no harm befalls you. My children and I have deep regards and
respect for you. My family joins me in saying a big
Rameshwar Lal Acharya
Kankroli, Rajsamand