Harshad Prashankar Bhatt

It is a matter of very great pleasure that now medical science has achieved a great
height to control and cure serious disease like Cancer. I and my family members were shocked when the disease was detected. But when we approached
Dr. Chirag Shah,
his advice & counseling brought faith and assurance in our self that we will overcome
this phase of life. I prepared myself & started intense treatment under his personal
supervision. Though, it was a very tough time for us as a family, passing from the
process but it was our good luck that I was in hands of Excellent and Expert Doctor
Chirag Shah & Team. They are the best in their field due to the qualities like
cooperative nature, politeness and off-course Accurate/Precise treatment right up to its
root. They motivated us throughout the course to be strong mentally & face the
challenge to emerge out as an ultimate winner.
Now I have completely recovered and enjoying life as before one year. I strongly
believe that nowaday’s
nothing is impossible to achieve, the effected person
should not worry but plan with courage to take treatment under very expert
doctor like Dr. Chirag Shah.
I am very much thankful & will always be grateful to Dr. Chirag Shah, Dr.
Munjal Pandya and team members for their precious advice & treatment.

H.P. Bhatt
Sr. Manager
Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers Limited
Cell No: 9924681866
Email: hpbhatt4@rediffmai1.com