Bhavesh Mehta

Hi, Myself Bhavesh J. Mehta. I am 31 years old. In my family there are five members, Father, Mother, Wife & Two Daughters. I am a patient of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer). I know about my diseases on 1st may 2007. At that time we don’t know what we do but my father is very strong, he talk with my uncle and his Dr. friend and found the name of  Dr. CHIRAG SIR. We came at Ahemdabad and I was admitted in Apollo – Hospital.
My treatment was divided in four stage. First three stage for Chemotherapy and fourth stage for Stem Cell Transplant.  During this treatment period I faced some problems but with the support of my Father and Dr. Chirag Sir, I faced those problem successfully. Because of Stem Cell I became as good as before. I was the first patient in Gujarat who underwent this new treatment so we all are worrier but Dr. Chirag Sir is confident and he save my life and give me a new life.
I would like to say for those patient who afraid and do not fight against this type of diseases. They are hiding the diseases and lose their life before time. So I request to all those patient to please come forward and fight against it. Use the new science achievements and enjoy your rest life freely.
In last my few words I woud like to thank to GOD, MY FATHER & FAMILY who gave me moral support to fight and to DR. CHIRAG SIR who make me very well and give me new life.